Painless Trigger Point® Therapy
Lasting Pain Relief & Improved Physical Performance!

Great News!!

I have just increased the range of treatments offered to my clients - each designed to fit the therapeutic as well as the budget needs of each client. Up to now the only treatments I offered were very detailed and long treatments, and in most cases which needed to be extended over a long periods.

Many previous clients who have now fully recovered and also prospective clients who don't have significant pain or tightness suggested I offer shorter sessions as well. This would be perfect for those who simply needed a quick treat or a tuneup to fix some minor tightness or pain. 30 minute sessions would fit very easily in busy schedules and still keep clients in optimal shape.

Great, I said - Consider it done! So I set about creating a Menu of 30 minute Quick Treats to add to the detailed Restorative Therapeutic programs I already offer.

A Quick Treat for a Tune Up - Menu -
Select an area listed on the Quick Treat Menu below for a focused Trigger Point/Deep Tissue Treatment Combo (Tasty) for 30 minutes at $60. If you're my client already, you know the effect lasts. If you'd like more you can combine different items in the menu to build up a 60 minute or 90 minute session.

1. Head and Jaw
2. Neck and Upper Shoulder
3. Upper Back
4. Shoulder Joint and Upper Arm
5. Forearm, Wrist and Hand
6. Mid and Low Back and SI joint
7. Abdominals
8. Hip, Glutes and IT Bands (side of upper leg)
9. Quads, inner Leg and Knee
10. Lower Leg (front and Back) Ankle and Foot

Call 310-930-5884 to book an appointment or if you re already a client, sign in and use the calendar on your page.