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Thank you for visiting our treatments page. Here you will get an idea of Rajs approach to massage and his clients and about his technique. At first contact it is very important to discuss, and get a clear understanding of your condition and what you are looking for, so that the best approach will be used for the best results.

Understanding your needs in a massage.

What kind of massage were you looking for? Perhaps you were looking for a relaxing massage or maybe a deep tissue treatment. Although he can give you a fabulous relaxing massage, most of Rajs clients come to him looking for lasting relief from some discomfort they have had for some time. Some of them have already taken regular massage and sought other medical treatments but without lasting relief.

Relieving pain in one area can relax the whole body.

Did you know that discomfort and pain can actually put you in a bad mood makes you prone to spurts of anger. Take a moment to relax and take note of how you are feeling right now. If youre not totally relaxed and comfortable, where do you feel discomfort? If you have pain, is it intermittent, or constant? With the discomfort gone, can you imagine how pleasant your day will be. Have you ever dreamed, while nursing this condition, of a magic button that will just switch off the stress and discomfort and restore your muscle condition to its ideal and happy state? It is a well kept secret that there is such a button and Raj will share this secret with you. He will use it to melt away your pain and discomfort so you can relax completely again. You probably know already that this magic button is the Trigger Point.

Proven Pain Relief.

For the past 7 years Raj has studied, and used Trigger Point Therapy on his clients and it has proven highly effective in providing lasting pain relief, improved flexibility, and improved circulation. This starts a whole chain-reaction of other health improvements. There are many success stories he could share with you.

Understanding your muscle condition.

Understanding the relationship between chronic muscle pain and the tightening and thickening of the related muscle tissue is very important in locating the traumatized area. Usually, some kind of trauma, like an injury or prolonged bad posture, can initiate muscle tightness. This is the muscles way of adjusting to change, and of protecting the body. The tightness activates the trigger points in the muscle by making them sensitive. Over time these trigger points can become intensely painful to the touch, further increasing the tightness.

Now we have a pain cycle that is actually perpetuated by the nervous system through the trigger point. This could explain why, as the trigger points become more painful, the related muscle tension and pain intensifies. In this state the more stress you experience, the more discomfort and pain you will feel.

About Rajs Painless Trigger Point™ Therapy

Now that you have an idea of how to recognize traumatized muscles, you will learn how Raj uses his own unique Painless Trigger Point™ Therapy that will quickly relieve your pain and muscle tension. To begin he will gently massage the area of discomfort while feeling for tight (ropey) bands on the affected muscle. The trigger point is usually located inside this tight bundle of tissue. Initially you might not feel any pain, but as this area is gently kneaded you will soon feel a very distinct sensitive spot . This, you guessed it, is the trigger point. Traditional trigger point treatment is effective but can be very painful. Rajs technique is gentle and painless, yet it is highly effective and produces long-lasting relief from pain and tightness. It also improves flexibility, Range of Motion and Circulation. The areas where people mostly need pain relief is the neck and shoulders and lower back, although you can find points anywhere on the body.

A Chain-Reaction of Health Benefits.

As the pain at the trigger point drops the tightness diminishes and the muscle will start to soften and lengthen. The resulting softening and lengthening of the muscle will increase flexibility and range of motion. Reduced tension in the muscle will reduce pressure on blood vessels which will in turn result in improved circulation. This improves the delivery of nourishment and oxygen to the tissue. Now the muscle tissue will be healthier, and can work harder for a longer period before fatiguing.

As you continue receiving this treatment your condition will progressively improve and your tissue response to treatment will become quicker. Your reward will be long lasting relief, increased flexibility and Range of Motion, healthier tissue, and improved muscle efficiency among many other benefits.
Raj's treatment does more than just make you feel wonderful. It's restoration of your muscle condition will facilitate your free and comfortable movement. Get back to doing the things you enjoy. Indulge in your favorite activities without worrying about stiffness and pain. With your muscle tissue restored you can be active and feel great and even younger. Believe it or not, even your sports performance will be enhanced.

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