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I feared I was destined for a life of pain killers before finding trigger point. Now I'm hoping to get back to some of the activities I used to do before falling into a cycle of unrelenting neck and back pain. Raj's technique is very specific and very effective not to mention completely painless. Don't expect a cookie cutter massage with Raj. He works with each person's symptoms in an individual way striving to get to the root of your problem. - Teresa B.

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Trigger Point Therapy is a scientifically based modality where points on tight and painfull muscles are treated to relieve the pain and tightness, and in so doing, restoring muscle resting tone. It shares some characteristics with Acupressure, Shiatsu and even Acupuncture.

Muscle Tightness

A muscle or muscle group can be traumatized due to injury, overuse or exertion. As a protection mechanism and based on the intensity of the trauma, the affected muscle will tighten. If the tightness passes a certain level, another achy type of pain could be experienced in addition to the pain from the trauma. Now the pain has become a more complex type of condition.

PainlessTriggerPoint muscle strain Pain Process

If the above conditions repeat themselves, the muscle tightening process will continue. This creates a trauma-pain-trauma cyle which actually causes the condition to spread. In the beginning intermittent tightness is felt, then it becomes constant. As the tightness increases, it will cause occasional pain associated with the degree of tightness and then as the muscle tissue is saturated with tightness the pain will turn chronic and the muscle could even spasm. The thickening muscles could impinge (press) on nerves that pass through and between them, causing another kind of pain ( this time nerve-associated) that spreads far beyond the original area. The pain and limited range of motion that comes along with this condition, can prevent one from performing regular activities.

Treatment Description

Trigger Point Therapy has proven to be highly successful in restoring the muscle condition to perform its normal functions in comfort. Restoration of muscle tone improves the efficiency and hence performance. This can be especially invaluable to an athlete. This restorative therapy does not involve physical manipulation of the muscle. It simple involves treatment of points on the muscle that actually relieve the tension in the muscle. With repeated treatment the muscle can be restored to its normal and supple texture and full length when relaxed.

Expected Results

As the tightness of the muscle diminishes the chronic pain also diminishes. This demonstrates that there is a direct relationship between chronic pain and extreme muscle tightness. With the tightness removed, not only is the pain relieved, but also the restored muscle tone and length increases Range of Motion, and facilitates blood circulation, which increases energy levels. For a detailed explanation of the pain process and how trigger point therapy works, go to the Trigger Point TREATMENTS page.

Relief from Chronic Muscle Pain

Most of us have experienced muscle pain in some parts of our bodies Perhaps you have neck and shoulder pain, or discomfort in the low back or glutes when walking or standing. These are the 2 most commonly affected areas.

The simple muscle-tightening process in these areas can start a chain reaction of negative results causing some serious medical problems. The tightness of the different layers of muscles compress blood vessels and nerves that run through and in between the tight muscles, causing restricted blood supply to surrounding areas. This chain reaction could spread the trauma to the surrounding soft tissue and the tightening process becomes self perpetuating. This process activates trigger points in all the affected muscles.

Chronic pain is only the "tip of the iceberg". Before this there are several stages, first occasional tightness, then constant, which might be accompanied by mild discomfort. Then as the tightness increases there will be occasional sharp pains which will be brief and probably not command too much attention. And finally the pain comes and stays. This is what commands your attention and forces you to find a solution.

Trigger Point Therapy is a highly effective muscle restoration therapy and besides relieving pain it offers many other health benefits. For a detailed list of benefits from this non intrusive yet highly effective treatment go to the BENEFITS page .

To read some of the many success stories visit the Testimonials page.

Depending on the degree of the muscle tension and the frequency of treatment, all traces of pain and discomfort can be removed. Call 310-930-5884 for a personal consultation or you may complete and submit a Consultation form.

Muscle Restoration for Sports Performance

If you're active, into sport, or a competitive athlete, your muscle condition, range of motion and energy levels become even more important to you. If your muscles are already half tight before starting your workout, due to the physical exertion from the work out, the muscles will tighten further and cause you to fatigue quickly. That is what causes the aches and pains the day after.

Trigger Point Therapy will relieve the muscle tightness and increase range of motion, facilitating efficient blood circulation. This actually increases energy levels, muscle strength and delays fatigue which is invaluable to the competitive athlete. The range of motion will enable you to use the full potential of the muscle. The restored muscle, now with improved blood supply, will be able to work harder for much longer, without tightening up prematurely. Essentially what this amounts to, is a dramatic Improvement in your sports performance.

For a detailed list of benefits from Trigger Point treatment go to the BENEFITS page .

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As Clients learn more about their condition and develop an interest in self treatment, the need for treatment guidance, books and self treatment tools grows. View some of the books and products I recommend to my clients to help in self treatment.

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