Painless Trigger Point® Therapy
Lasting Pain Relief & Improved Physical Performance!

Deriving the Best out of a Good Thing

Although Trigger Point per se produces excellent results, to achieve quicker and more desirable long-term results, it is important to have a good understanding of your affected area and its symptoms so you can seek the appropriate treatment and follow the correct stretch and posture routines. this focused problem-solving approach I call the Nydoo Technique.

Rarely does an ailment occur without affecting the immediate surrounding area to some degree (even if it is not apparent). Hence a condition exisiting for several years could develop into a whole multi-tiered dysfunction system. To achieve true relief, recovery and restoration, one needs to address each layer of the pain system with the goal of restoring the whole being

Trauma and the entrenchment of dysfunction
Where there is trauma, the muscle tightens. This tightness prevents the efficient distribution of the blood's oxygen and nutrients to the muscle tissue. It also restricts lymph vessels from draining the muscle tissue of toxic tissue fluid. This results in the thickening and puffiness of the tissue. Now not only is the muscle painful, tight and shortened. It is also inefficient, lacks energy and gives you that tired feeling.

This is happening whereever we feel discomfort, tightness and premature fatigue. But because it takes many years for this state to develop, we feel it is normal. Perhaps it is, but we don't have to just accept it. The soft tissue state in in a pain system and even a so-called normal system can be restored to a healthier state. This is where Trigger Point, Focused Stretches and Good Posture Habits plays a key role.

Pain and Tightness is the Bottleneck
Call it a bottleneck or a traffic jam. When pain causes the affected soft tissue to tighten the constricted blood, nerve, and lymph vessels within are affected and so is their functions. this causes a series of negative effects in the immediate tissue as well as other vital systems. Hence we now have a chain reaction of negative health effects. initially it is so mild that it goes unnoticed, giving it ample time to develop.

But there is some good news. Just by restoring the the affected muscles and connective tissue to its full length and soft texture, we can cause a chain reaction of positive effects - reversing the negative effects.

Chain Reaction of Benefits
So isnt this convenient? Just by removing the tightness from a given bundle of tissue, a whole chain-reaction of restorative changes can be initiated in other physiological systems. Here are some health benefits:

Restoring Muscle Condition results in a chain reaction of Benefits:

Relieves Muscle Pain and Joint Pain.

Relieves Muscle Tension and Restore Muscle Efficiency.

Increases Flexibility and Range of Motion.

Improves Blood Circulation and Energy Levels.

Improves Lymph Drainage and the Immune System.

Relieves pressure on nerves - Prevent Pain Spreading.