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  Client Success Stories

  "...helped me to be able to keep my arms pain-free"
Brooklyn, NY
I had been researching many therapies to help with my chronic wrist and elbow tendonitis, and gone to a few very discouraging appointments when I finally stumbled upon trigger point. When I called Raj to ask some questions, he made me feel like he was a truly concerned and compassionate person who would do his utmost to help me heal my arms.

Raj really helped me to be able to keep my arms pain-free or close.

I have since moved away from LA and while I have found other trigger point therapists who also help me, I've come to realize that Raj is the best!

Zee - 3D Animator

  "My experience was remarkable"
"My experience was remarkable. I had been having lower back pain for the first time in my life at 47. After suffering for months even through physical therapy (which seemed to do more injury than benefit).

After one treatment with Raj, I was able to walk more easily than the past several months. And it stayed that way.

You will find that his treatments are interactive and that together, you find and treat the problem areas. So, you can participate in your own treatment."

Thanks Raj

DAVID PASQUESI - Actor and Improvisationist

  "His technique is much less painful and more effective than traditional trigger point..."
I had chronic pain in my neck caused by four bulging disks for six months before I met Raj. He was able to make me virtually pain free after only a few visits. I had been getting trigger point massage for months and Rajís technique is the best Iíve experienced. His technique is much less painful and more effective than traditional trigger point. I noticed significant improvement after each massage and was less sore than with other massage therapists. Raj believes that everyone can be pain free and is focused on that end. He listens to my specific issues each visit and customizes the massage to focus on the most important areas; he never just gives a cookie cutter massage. I was unable to work out because of my pain but now I am going to the gym regularly, and since I hardly have any pain we are now working toward optimizing my muscles to get the most out of my workouts. I am so grateful that I found Raj and for his skill and dedication to his work. Thanks Raj!

Jeff B. - Realtor

  "I have even been able to do a glacier hike without any trouble!"
"Raj was the tenth person I had gone to (including orthopedic surgeons, sport medicine physicians, acupuncturists, massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors) and my only regret was not having gone to see him sooner. I had suffered from tightness and discomfort with knots in the muscles of my upper back / lower neck for 10 months and was starting to miss work as a result. My work at a desk made the tightness worse and by day's end I was very uncomfortable. What's more I had planned and booked a 6-week holiday of a lifetime and was getting worried that I might have to cancel. All of this discomfort and worry soon went when I met Raj. His attentive approach and regular email follow-up forms meant that I always felt he was updated on my situation and tailored our sessions to my needs. The treatment sessions are painless, a welcome alternative to the deep tissue massages I had suffered through previously. Raj listens to everything I have to say and then uses this as the basis for his treatment. I am embarking on my vacation in 2 days, tightness-free and equipped with stretches and techniques to prevent this problem ever happening again. Thank you Raj, you have been a Godsend. If anyone out there has similar symptoms to mine, do yourself a favor and make an appointment with Raj NOW!"

and while on vacation...

"I have been doing fantastically-well, not had any twinges and am completely pain-free. I have even been able to do a glacier hike without any trouble!

Thanks again for all you have done and for making our vacation possible.
Take care"

Marian James - Ireland

  "After the first session, I could bend over and tie my shoe..."
"I'm writing this because of the best relief I've ever had from problems I've had with my muscles and bones. I've seen doctors and chiropractors for my problem with walking and putting any pressure on my right leg. No treatments helped until I was introduced to Raj. After the first session, which was not painful in the least, from his expert trigger point massage, I could bend over and tie my shoe and put weight on my right leg. I could actually feel the muscles in my right leg again. My muscles, from not being used had atrophied, but now after a couple of months of weekly treatments I have viable muscles again that are getting stronger everyday. "


  "I needed to complete 26.2 and that was after the swim and the bike"
"I had a life goal. Complete and Ironman triathlon. Swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and run 26.2 miles. I started training, completed two short distance races and while running got muscle injury in my right hip.

No one could fix. The first time it flared up I was in physical therapy for six months, and stopped running for six months. When I resumed exercise, the pain was back in a matter of months. I tried another physical therapist and stopped running again, the pain was manageable, but still there, and I was afraid to run and aggravate the injury. The Ironman race loomed ahead and I was swimming and biking, but no running. I wondered how I would ever make it to the race!
A friend recommended I see Raj. In the first session with him the pain was gone. I left in disbelief afraid to try it out with a run. But he instructed me to run. the pain came back, but not too bad. After my next session, I ran without pain and Raj instructed me to feel for the tightness as that precedes the pain. I did, and he worked on that. I started running, slowly building up to race day. In between runs I would see Raj and he would work on my tightness and sometimes my pain. Until finally race day was here. I hadn't run more than 16 miles before the race and I needed to complete 26.2 and that was after the swim and the bike. But I did it, and I felt NO PAIN! I was able to complete my goal and I'm so thankful for all that Raj did to get me to the starting line and to the finish!
Raj Nydoo has miraculous hands and uses an amazing massage process that pinpoints and rids your body of pain and tightness. Thank you Raj!"

Melissa Forman Tiles - Sports Movie Producer

  "I slept like a baby that night and had lasting results from just 1 treatment."
"For me it has been about 5 years since I was involved in an auto accident. Since that day I have struggled with Chronic Myofascial pain which involves multiple Trigger points in my shoulders and neck areas.

Throughout the past few years I have had them treated by various massage therapists and it was always the same result, very painful and not very effective. This all changed the very first time I met Raj. He was very knowledgeable and his painless trigger point™ technique is the best I have ever had! I slept like a baby that night and had lasting results from just 1 treatment. I highly recommend Raj especially if you have been experiencing painful trigger points or Chronic Myofascial pain. "

Thank you

Eric H - Property Management

  "I competed in my first triathlon about 3 months after therapy and I placed 5th"
"As a way to stay fit, I was running low mileage for about 8 years. However, it became redundant and boring and my fitness level was stagnant. So, I decided to start racing, and as some may say, I got bit by the bug. I moved from a 5K to a 10K to a 1/2 marathon in 2 months. I over trained and despite feeling my body begin to breakdown, I still competing the in the 1/2 and ended up tearing the lower part of my gastrocnemius. At that point I decided to start cross training with swimming and cycling to give my leg a rest, but then I got bit by the triathlon bug and needed to get my running back. When I met Raj (limping around), he told me about 'painless trigger point™'. Although I didn't think this was possible I decided to make an appointment and see if it could help. Not only was there no pain, but in a matter of 3 sessions I was running without pain. His online feedback system made it possible to communicate between sessions and really improved the quality of my therapy. I competed in my first triathlon about 3 months after therapy and I placed 5th. I really owe a big thanks to Raj for my fast recovery (without pain!)."

Lea Crosetti - Registered Dietitian

  "Your touch is high on energy and low on pain"
"As an endurance athlete I’ve had all kinds of body work but your touch is high on energy and low on pain. You’re touch is so accurate and so specific that the tissue seems to respond without the harsh pressure. The results are brilliant. I’m so grateful for your skills. Thank you."

Ian Murray - Head Triathlon Coach LA Tri Club

  "Symptoms were nausea, unsteadiness, neck and upper back pain"
"When I first met Raj I was having regular episodes of what was diagnosed as basilar migraine headaches. Symptoms were nausea, unsteadiness, neck and upper back pain. Episodes would occur at least once a month or more frequently. I tried multiple orthopedic doctors, physical therapy, neurologists, pillows, braces, exercises, yoga, etc.

After 7 sessions with Raj I have these episodes a lot less frequently (only 2 so far this year). And they are a lot less severe than previously. And the best thing is I no longer live in fear of an attack and can live my life more freely."

Tim T - Consultant

  "I had just about given up hope of finding real pain relief..."
"When I first met Raj I was desperate for pain relief. I have a rare bone disease. This causes me to have moderate to severe pain on many of my joints. When I met Raj I had just about given up hope of finding real pain relief. Also, my arms and shoulders hurt constantly from desk work at a keyboard. Raj is a true self taught healer. In a few sessions he was able to pinpoint and relieve my pain. This is the best treatment I have found for my aching joints.
Most of the time now I am pain free. Raj also shows you ways to stretch your joints and avoid the pain causing situations. This is done by treating the area before pain develops into a chronic problem.
I would highly recommend Raj to anyone who suffers from pain. He is well worth it. "

Mike K. (computer programmer)

  "After almost 2 years with a troubled shoulder... "
"After almost 2 years with a troubled shoulder I found Raj and within a very few sessions my shoulder is finally healed. I truly can recommend his method to fix injuries. I have also been struggling with a bad ankle for years and look forward to start treatments with Raj to solve this problem as well. I am relying on my body for my work and thank you Raj for your great skills."

Benedicte Schoyen - owner Santa Monica Dance Studio

  "I was a bit doubtful, but was willing to try anything so I gave it a try."
"Hi, my name is Aljuane' and I have been seeing Raj for the past month. I suffered from whiplash in my neck down to my upper shoulder, and a tense upper and lower back. I have been to chiropractors, doctors, physical therapist, and massage therapist and was still unable to be cured. After a bit of surfing on the web I came across an article that mentioned trigger point. Then I researched trigger point in my area and located Raj. I was a bit doubtful, but was willing to try anything so I gave it a try. Little did I know that the pain was decreasing tremendously. Raj believes in communication, something I wasn't used to during therapy; normally the therapist does all the talking. Well anyways, Raj thank you for all your hard work, dedication, and faith."

Aljuane' A. - Student

  "...and most importantly your technique actually works."
"Dear Raj,
For some reason I'm yet to discover, I seem to have trigger points in most of the muscles in my body. Generally they're not too bad and I just put up with them but just before I met you the pain in my neck and shoulders had become quite debilitating. It was bad enough to make me roll over onto my stomach to get out of bed rather than lift my head up using my neck muscles, and my attempts at self-treatment were going nowhere. I had read several of the good books on the subject, trawled the web extensively looking for something that would help, and tried most of the techniques I found.

It was by a stroke of good luck that I found you online. I searched for the three words, trigger point breakthrough, on Google. The rationale was, that someone might have some new information about trigger points since the old info wasn't cutting it for me. Your home page came out top of the list and is nicely structured, sensible, and suggests that many trigger point related problems can be treated if they're approached in the right way. You sounded like you had done some research and experimentation and had found an approach that worked. That prompted me to send you my first of many emails asking if you had written a book or articles I could read and go about my merry way. I got a lot more than I bargained, for!
The four things that stand out for me are your focused and friendly attempts to understand the total situation, your sound knowledge of anatomy and trigger points, your use of appropriate and really neat communication technology, and most importantly your technique actually works. I still have trigger points in most muscles and would dearly love it if someone were to come up with a simple activity or nutrient to make them go away but I guess that's unlikely. Of course now the elusive cure doesn't matter as much because, thanks to you, I have the techniques at my fingertips to deal with any flare-up or problem trigger points quickly and effectively. Thank you very much indeed.

Andrew Warner, PhD.
Canberra, Australia.

I have never physically seen Raj however he has helped me more than almost every body worker I have ever visited. Although Iím only 26 I had been dealing with chronic hip pain for over 8 years with no solid diagnosis until I was hit by a car and forced to have a special type of MRI. They detected a cartilage tear in my hip and said the only cure was surgery. Yet a year and a half after surgery I was in more pain prior than ever before; I could hardly stand or sit without major pain shooting down my inner leg, abs and lower back. I soon discovered that I had developed hundreds of trigger points throughout my entire right side of my body. Although I found a great trigger point needlist he was expensive and I couldnít afford going to him as often as I needed.

In desperate need of help, I searched the internet and found Rajís site. I was impressed by all the success stories yet disheartened to find out that he lived several states away from me. Although I was skeptical to work with someone long distance I was drawn by his optimism, his years of experience, and affordability. Raj convinced me that through his online communication system and occasional phone/skype calls he would teach me how to treat myself. I cannot express how thankful I am that I decided to try this new approach to healing. It wasnít a quick fix because of all the years Iíd been compensating for my hip injury. However, after five months of learning how to treat my trigger points I am able to exercise like I havenít been able to for years! I also now have the tools to treat and overcome any trigger points that might pop up in the future.

What is truly amazing about Raj is his ability to inspire hope during hopeless situations and his relentless determination to solve the hardest problems. Several times I called Raj in tears about my chronic pain yet he wouldnít let me wallow in discouragement. Both Raj and my trigger point needlist have said that my trigger points were the worst theyíve ever seen yet through diligent work with Raj I am now able to dance, do yoga, and jog on the elliptical on a daily basis! I highly recommend Raj to anyone who has trigger points, whether you can see him in person or not.

Kt Colgan Ė Boulder, CO

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