Painless Trigger Point® Therapy
Lasting Pain Relief & Improved Physical Performance!

Sports Performance Therapy

When muscles are not in absolute optimal state and are exerted in sport, they will tighten and soon become very painful and could even cramp up on you. If the affected muscle is not treated correctly, over time the muscle tightness could become chronic and so will the muscle pain.

I have the perfect solution to restoring the condition of your muscle tissue to it's optimal state. Don't worry - no drugs or needles involved.

This restorative massage technique is called Trigger Point Therapy. Not only will it relieve your muscle pain completely, but it will also restore your Range of Motion and Muscle Efficiency. This in turn improves blood supply to the tissue and tissue fluid drainage.

To you as a sports person, this means that the range of motion will enable you to use the full extension of the muscle and the restored muscle with improved blood supply, will be able to do more work for much longer, without tightening up on you. Essentially what this amounts to is a dramatic Improvement in your sports performance.

For the last five years I have fine-tuned my own version of Trigger Point Therapy to produce awesome results with clients with a range of different conditions from severe chronic pain to restricted range of motion, that hindered competition in sport.