Painless Trigger Point® Therapy
Lasting Pain Relief & Improved Physical Performance!

Everyone has some kind of muscle issue, including you!

Learn about a PAIN RELIEF and Restorative Therapy that Really WORKS!

Would you like to see and feel the improvement?
You will not only get pain relief and lose the muscle tightness. You will look and feel better. No matter where in your body, your muscle condition exists, be it muscle pain, or simple tightness when you're active, there is a good chance of having your condition vastly improved.

You will feel an improvement after the first treatment.
If you don't get complete pain relief, you will certainly feel an appreciable improvement after the first treatment. Each case is treated specifically based on the clients unique set of conditions. The time it takes for the complete healing process is based on the severity of each clients condition, and if the source of pain is muscle tightness, the probability of complete relief is very high.

Get More than just Pain Relief
Restoring Muscle Condition results in a chain reaction of Benefits

  • Relieves Muscle Pain and Joint Pain

  • Relieves Muscle Tension and Restore Muscle Efficiency

  • Increases Flexibility and Range of Motion

  • Improves Blood Circulation and Energy Levels

  • Improves Lymph Drainage and the Immune System

  • Relieves pressure on nerves - Prevent Pain Spreading

  • For a detailed list of benefits from Trigger Point treatment go to the BENEFITS page

    Painless Trigger Point Therapy
    And all this in a treatment that is virtually PAINLESS. Painless Trigger Point™ Therapy. (PTPT) is based on the well known trigger point therapy which is traditionally very painful. PTPT was developed by Raj Nydoo so his clients would be able to be most relaxed during the treatment and actually benefit more from the treatment.

    Trigger Point Therapy is Scientifically based
    Trigger Point Therapy (TPT) was developed by an American MD, Dr Janet Travell.. It involves the treatment of points on the affected muscle resulting in quick and lasting pain relief and improved muscle condition. It is fast gaining respect in the pain therapy and medical communities.

    What's so Special about TPT?
    TPT addresses the core cause of muscle pain and tightness, which are trigger points on the muscle. The process is highly focused and surprisingly virtually painless. Improvement is experienced after the first treatment and it lasts. And all this without beating up the muscle using other unnecessary aggressive techniques causing soreness for the next few days.

    The Process is actually Quite Simple
    The trigger point on the painful muscle tissue is the junction between the muscle and the nervous system. Much care is taken to find the exact locations of the relevant trigger points on the muscle with the pain, which are then treated with gentle pressure. The trick is to get the trigger points at the core of the problem first and then work towards the points less affected. The improvement is progressive with each repeated treatment.

    What Happens in a Trigger Point Treatment?
    First the events in the clients history initiating the muscle pain condition is considered and the muscle condition of the affected area is evaluated. All this establishes the areas that take priority and each area usually involves a muscle group. The treatment is interactive, in that any and all the feedback and input from the client play an important role in the customization of the trigger point treatment. Trigger Point Therapy does not involve physical manipulation of the muscle. It simple involves the treatment of points on the muscle that actually relieve the tension in the muscle which in turn relieves the muscle pain.

    Are you a good candidate for TPT?
    Trigger Point Therapy has proven to be highly successful in relieving muscle pain, and in restoring muscle condition, to perform its normal functions in comfort. Restoration of muscle tone improves the efficiency and hence muscle performance which can be invaluable to a person with chronic muscle pain as well as an athlete who wants to improve. With repeated treatment the muscle can be restored to its optimal length and texture, and the client can become pain free. So whether you.

    Sounds Too Good to be True
    Proof is in the pudding' and certainly results speak volumes. To get an idea of the results I recommend you read some of the client Success Stories. Who knows, perhaps one of those might match your own story. The results are really in your own hands. You are your own best healer. So learn as much about your condition as you can. And ask questions. It will help you with your decision.

    How do I get to Understand My Condition
    You need to learn to

    Tightness increases Pain and Pain increases Tightness
    In an ideal state muscle is soft and long when relaxed and short and tight when flexed. The main functions of muscle is to hold the body together, move it, and protect it. The protecting mechanism is the tightening, as if creating a shield. When the muscle experiences some kind of trauma, e.g. accident, sports injury, prolonged bad posture, stress etc. the affected muscle group will tighten. If the trauma is not removed, the tightness will become chronic and increase over time and turn to muscle pain. This tightness compresses blood and lymph vessels and nerves causing internal trauma over a larger area and spreads pain. This muscle pain is the trauma that spreads the tightness, and the cycle goes on.

    Pain is just the Tip of the Iceberg
    You can see now, how the muscle pain can be an indication of a larger problem of chronic muscle tightness below the surface. So to get lasting relief from muscle pain and restore your quality of life this whole muscle pain and tightness cycle must be reversed layer by layer. It can be done. Read some of the Trigger Point Therapy Success Stories. With the tightness removed, not only is the pain relieved but also the restored muscle tone and length now increases the Range of Motion and facilitates blood circulation which raise energy levels

    Restore the Body and Lose the Muscle Pain

    Muscle pain is an indication of underlying trauma in the body. By addressing the deeper causes, Trigger Point Therapy uses a holistic approach in focusing on the restoration and balancing of the complete body. Along with therapy, focused stretches and good posture habits are precribed. In this approach, the mind-body connection is a very important focus. Relaxing exercises can play a major role in enhancing the healing process. The good news is, depending on the degree of the muscle pain and tension and the frequency of treatment, all traces of pain and discomfort can be removed.