Painless Trigger Point® Therapy
Lasting Pain Relief & Improved Physical Performance!

If you can feel your muscles without touching them (a precursor to tightness), they are not close to their ideal state.

Muscle tightness is caused by some degree of trauma often caused by over use of the muscle. If the muscle resting tone is note restored, the tightness will persist, and with continued use especially in sport, the tightness will accumulate and intensify.

Results of Tightness
Tight muscles....
* shortens the muscle restricting full range of motion.
* applies pressure on nerves to cause discomfort and pain in other areas.
* compress blood vessels, slowing the delivery of Oxygen and food to the muscles.
* compress Lymph vessels, trapping (toxic) tissue fluid, causing thickening of the tissue.
* Can cause pain quicker during workouts.
* Can cause fatigue within a shorter period.

Restoration Therapy
Just by restoring the relaxed resting tone of each muscle All the above problems can be eliminated.
You get....
* No tightness - No Pain
* Muscle length and texture is restored
* Better circulation - Better energy - Less fatigue
* Better Tissue Fluid Drainage - Healthier Soft Tissue
* More Strength and Power out of the same muscle for Longer.

* And the ultimate Improve Sports Performance!!!!
Raj's secret is a painless technique based on Trigger Point therapy. With each treatment each muscle is taken closer to its ideal efficient state. The Result is Performance enhancement. Try it. You'll be AMAZED!