Painless Trigger Point® Therapy
Lasting Pain Relief & Improved Physical Performance!

Pain Relief Therapy and Muscle Tone Restoration

Raj's "Painless" Trigger Point Therapy provides Pain Relief along with many other Health Benefits.

Massage for Relaxation as well as Pain Relief
For most of us the word massage conjures up images of being pampered and soothed to an indulgent and totally relaxed state. One could also imagine an invigorating experience from skilled manipulation of the deep muscle tissue. In these times we have a profusion of good massage therapists to choose from in most large cities of the world. This is true for most relaxing massage techniques. However for effective pain relief therapy for more deep seated muscle trauma such as chronic pain, chronic muscle tightness, joint pain and limited range of motion, it takes a little searching to find therapists highly skilled in Restorative Therapeutic Massage modalities.

If you don't have any muscle pain and want to know about my version of relaxing massage or rejuvenating therapy choose from the list of massage techniques to the left.

Pain Relief
If you've ever had deep muscle pain, you probably know that an ordinary spa type of massage will relax you to a degree but will not give you lasting relief from this muscle pain. To be able to truly relax the muscle pain must be relieved first. There are many massage therapies that are used to relieve chronic muscle pain, chronic muscle tightness, discomfort, and restricted range of motion. However I have found excellent results from using Trigger Point Therapy. I have studied and tested this restorative therapy extensively in an effort to fully understand it and use it to its fullest potential. Put simply, it is based on the theory that muscle trauma causes muscle tightness which soon turns to pain This activates the trigger points on the affected muscle, making the points hypersensitive. A detailed explanation of how muscle tightness builds, at what stage it turns to pain and how this pain is relieved by treating the trigger points, appears on the "Customized Massage" page.

Understanding what YOUR condition needs
Be aware that very often we might think that we do not have muscular issues, when in actual fact we do. You see most muscle and soft tissue trauma and tightness might start and go on for a long time, sometimes many years, before we notice it. And this is because it takes a long time before tightness turns to pain, and of course pain commands attention. When tightness starts it is so mild that even if we noticed it we would think it normal, and as it grows it diminishes the optimal function of our soft tissue and that's what makes us feel tired and achy sometimes. This tension in the soft tissue can fluctuate and this is why the feeling of discomfort comes and goes. We can do lots to help relieve this condition, like meditation, stretching, exercise, aerobics, yoga, palates etc. If this tightness is allowed to continue to accumulate, it could lead to severe pain - sometimes occasional, sometimes chronic. It will also decrease your flexibility and range of movement.

Trigger Point Therapy
Trigger Point therapy has proven highly successful in relieving muscle tension and pain. As you know by now Muscle Tension eventually causes Muscle Pain and this muscle pain sustains the muscle tightness. My primary focus is on relieving this pain. Pain in one part of the body creates a chain reaction of tension throughout the body. Once the muscle tightness in the most painful area is relieved, the body starts to relax and continues to do so with continued treatment. As the resting tone in affected muscles is restored, the Tightness-Pain cycle is reversed. Traditional Trigger Point therapy is most effective in relieving muscle pain but it is known to be extremely painful causing the client to remain in a tense state during treatment. But I have encouraging news. I have developed a modality that is more comfortable yet with the same or better results.

"Painless" Trigger Point Therapy
I have taken this highly effective pain relief therapy and developed it into a painless trigger point therapy. Because the therapy is almost painless the body is allowed to relax and muscles become less tense. The lowered tone of the muscle tissue facilitates the treatment of trigger points and effects quicker results. Also because of lower pain levels the the trigger points can be treated longer, further speeding the muscle restoration. Relieving pain is only the tip of the iceberg. As the muscle pain diminishes, the muscle tightness diminishes and vice versa, and starts a whole chain reaction of benefits as listed below.

Areas that Benefit from Trigger Point Therapy
Chronic or occasional tension headaches.
Neck and shoulder Pain and limited Range of Motion.
Tightness and Pain between shoulder blades.
Low Back Pain, stiffness and limited Range of Motion
Upper, Lower leg and foot muscle pain
Rotator Cuff pain and inability to lift arm above your head
Tennis Elbow and Carpal Tunnel syndrome... and more

Benefits from Trigger Point Therapy
Relieve Muscle Pain and Joint Pain
Relieve Muscle Tension and Restore Muscle Efficiency.
Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion
Improve Blood Circulation
Improve Lymph Drainage
Relieve pressure on nerves - prevent pain spreading.

Locations and Answers to your Questions
For the convenience of clients in the greater Los Angeles area I have 2 locations, one in Santa Monica and one in Playa del Rey to take care of the South Bay area. You can also get a on-line evaluation on your condition and a treatment recommendation specifically for you. It takes just a few seconds to submit the request.

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