Painless Trigger Point® Therapy
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Career Opportunities and Private Contractors

Our use of the Nydoo Method in better understanding the causes of client conditions and using Painless Trigger Point Therapy in treating the affected tissue for pain relief and restoration to a healthy state and function seems to be expanding our clientele. This has necessitated an expansion of our organization to cater to the needs of our growing clientele.

Trigger Point Therapist
We are looking for a Certified Massage Therapist interested in developing a career in Trigger Point Therapy.
Training and experience in trigger point will be an advantage, but is not necessary.
A strong knowledge of, or an interest in anatomy and the muscular system is important.
An interest in understanding and solving myofascial pain issues will be an advantage.

The Position:
For the successful candidate, all training will be free.
Remuneration will be based on knowledge, experience and effective treatment of trigger points.
If you have not had training and experience in Trigger Point already, you will first be given training in the basics of trigger point pain patterns and how to treat the most common symptoms. As skills at each level improve, more advanced training will be given in more muscle groups and treatment techniques. Remuneration will increase as knowledge and skills in treatment of trigger points improve.

Applicant Qualities:
Must have a serious interest in helping clients with pain and other muscle and physical performance issues.
Must be interested in treating and guiding clients throught the healing or restorative process.
Must have an interest in learning our problem solving approach (Nydoo Method) and in developing a thorough knowledge and skills in the use of Trigger Point Therapy.

Call Raj at 310-930-5884 to arrange and interview