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About - The Story of how Painless Trigger Point began.

This site was built to share the knowledge and the healing qualities of Trigger Point Therapy. To learn about this restorative therapy, click on the relevant links on the left.

My Introduction to Trigger point.
My name is Raj Nydoo and I am a certified massage therapist. Very early in my massage therapy career, I was introduced to Trigger Point Therapy in an informal and practical manner. During my work as a massage therapist at the time, due to the high volume of massage sessions I developed pain in my wrist that persisted for some weeks. One of my teachers suggested I find the point with the most intense pain and apply pressure on it. I did, for most of that evening and the next morning the pain was miraculously gone. I was amazed. This was the day I started my journey on the Muscle Pain Relief path. I started my informal research on the internet and then with a stack of books. I learned that although it shared some similarities with certain therapies like acupressure, and Shiatsu,Trigger Point Therapy was more focused and specifically addressed muscle, tendon, and ligament dysfunction. I had made my choice. I was going to master this healing modality.

Studying and Using Trigger Point Therapy.
I made trigger point therapy the core of my continuing studies and honed my skills in this healing art by using it whenever it was appropriate. As all who have experienced muscle pain and the relief from trigger point therapy will know, although this modality is highly effective in producing lasting relief from muscle pain, in all forms from acute to chronic, the process itself is very painful and it took a day or two for the soreness from the treatment to disipate. The pain experienced during the process can also limit the amount of progress possible in one treatment.

Making Trigger Point Therapy Painless.
At this point I began my search to find a way to provide the same pain relief without the iontense pain during treatment. It took some time, but I finally did develop a skill, that provides pain relief without the pain of traditional trigger point therapy. I have named it "Painless Trigger Point™"

Sharing the knowledge of this Healing Technique.
All the articles on this site describes the treatment of different types of muscle trauma and pain in the different parts of the anatomy. They will also cover secondary nerve pain symptoms caused by muscle tightness and nerve impingement. Over the years I have helped many clients become pain free and resume their active lives. Take a moment to read their tesimonials.